Specialized Agricultural Sprayers Help Small Farmers

Keeping plants free of pests and diseases can be a seemingly never-ending job for small farmers who want to offer the freshest and most environmentally-friendly produce available. The old practice of spraying an entire field with a chemical pest control product or disease retardant is no longer seen as customer-friendly. Today, consumers want to know that the produce they eat is as healthy as possible. Agricultural sprayers can help small farmers pinpoint the specific areas that need treatment while leaving healthy sections of crops untouched.

There are some factors to consider when looking for the right agricultural sprayer for a small farm. Sprayers can be mounted behind tractors to be pulled through a field, or they can be set up independently to spray more specific, concentrated areas. The special parts of an agricultural sprayer also need to be carefully chosen for specific spraying needs. The sprayer’s pump, nozzle and tank are the main components to look at. Pumps need to properly mix water and chemicals before they’re moved through filters and sprayed onto the crops. Pressure controls convert the liquid into an atomized spray, allowing better coverage of the chemical mixture over the plants being sprayed.

Choosing the right kind of roller vane pump, also known as an Allman Pump, is an important step for small farmers. The pump is manufactured to easily handle agricultural products such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides. The pump is typically is made of solid cast iron or nitrogen-resistant materials. The rollers that make up part of the pump have a coating of a special thermoplastic resin known as acetal that stands up well to the corrosive properties of the chemicals found in herbicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers.

Newnham Engineering in West Sussex offers the RVC25 Allman Pump, a roller vane pump that can be operated from a tractor using a quick-release valve or independently with a stand-alone motor. The engineering firm has been in business for 50 years and is known for the precision manufacturing services it provides to industries across the United Kingdom. The company is particularly proud of its quality assurance program, which has held ISO approval for more than 25 years. Special machinery and dedicated quality control personnel help ensure that the products and tools the company turns out meet exacting standards. For more information about roller vane pumps, visit http://newnham-engineering.co.uk/products-allman-pumps-roller-vane-pumps/.