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When we want to achieve a certain natural feel our homes then we find it necessary to come up with something wild, or just put might put in timber into work. For durability and something that will last us for a very long time then oak beams come into play. The place you want to use the timber in will determine the kind of beam to acquire. This is because the same kind of wood is not used in the all the places, the type you use in the kitchen will not be the same kind you will use in the living room or the worktops in the kitchen.

The wood in your kitchen will be subjected to a lot of moisture and stress and this will change the way the old oak will be looking like in the near future. The conditions that the timber will be submitted to will stick to it. The oak should be subjected to the correct and right treatment for it to always look good and pleasing to the eye at all times and to make sure that the changes that occur in the timber are not visible. For all this to work out in the correct way then the oak must first be dried in the correct way.

Oak tree is supposed to be dried right after it is cut. To get a real trunk alone then it is a must to slash off the branches. Other trees will grow to a height of up to 40 meters and because this is too high to use then they should be cut into two. To prevent cracks forming on the wood then the process of drying has to be carried out in a controlled manner. Cracks are to be avoided as they cannot be used in the worktops.
In the United Kingdom, the prices of tree poles will be different from one vendor to another. Even when you want one tree pole on your fireplace or you want a few more for your garden, or you want much more maybe for a project of you own. This all can be utilized according to the location where the order is produced and the time the purchase is made. when the order is made then they can also cut freshly sawn oak beams.

Freshly sawn oak beams, also known as ‘green oak’ beams, start seasoning as soon as they are fell. How the wood looks would be a different way compared to the way it look before it dried. At the rate of one inch per year the green oak tree will take approximately five year to fully dry up for proper use. The seller can get the green Oak tree for you if you want them for a project, you just need to order